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Web Designing
Industrial Training
It's 6 Months Web Designing Industrial training course with responsive Live project. It is most demanding course just because It's easy to learn and to get Job in short time of period. The best part of Web Designing is easy and fast to learn, interesting, open for any graduates, easy to get Job etc.
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Web Designing is the easy and demanding course for IT job seekers. This course is very popular just because of its simplicity, A non-IT or IT students can easily learn this course that's why this is called the way to enter in IT field. You know any project which receive HTTP protocol or have web interface, need to design and to achieve the same, you need to do Web Designing. Easy job, No mentally presser, Creative, Interesting, Good Salaries etc are few key benefits/beauty of this course.

Career Shiner is best training institute for Web Designing in Noida. We are leading more than 100+ IT courses for students, working professionals, job seekers with 100% placement guarantee on selected courses. Our course contents and training execution is completely based on industry level by industry experts and LIVE project is our main USP.

Student not need to have any programming or IT skills to learn Web Designing in Career Shiner because we start from level zero and cover all advanced concept with highest possible level. Don't confuse please, actually 'Level' means student's answers must be satisfied to the interviewer which must be very clean, to the point and with technically proved. Real time examples will not work to proof yourself as a engineer because it's works in teaching only.

Web Designing at Career Shiner makes the students 'Ready to Work' in terms of conceptually, fundamentally and hands on coding through our live project work.

  • We believe Strong Knowledge makes Strong Results
  • Offering the best Web Designing training and placements in Noida
  • Live web based project with fully responsive design, browser compatible and lightweight
  • Unique, Industry Required, Impressive, Career-Safe, In-depth Syllabus designs and it's execution
  • Focus on to build the student conceptually and practically strong
  • Highly industry Experience and certified trainers with excellent delivery
  • Multimedia classroom training with Live coding experience
  • Special classes on Requirement gathering and Analysis
  • Students can repeats or attend any number of classes up to one year
  • No need to have extra training for Web Designing certifications
  • 2 Hours class and 5 X 6 lab facilities, work on your preferred timings
  • Globally recognized course completion certificate
  • Will help you to make project Synopsis and Project Report for submission
HTML 0 Hrs
    HTML Introduction
    Basic Formatting Tags
    Media & Content Tags
    HTML Form
HTML5 0 Hrs
    HTML5 Basics
    Structure Tags
    Form Tags
    Media Tags
CSS 0 Hrs
    CSS Basics
    CSS Contents
    CSS Layouts
    CSS Colors
    CSS Borders
    CSS Transforms
    CSS Animations
    Media Queries
    CSS Script
Bootstrap 0 Hrs
    Introduction to Bootstrap
    Bootstrap Grid
    Bootstrap Components
    Bootstrap Plug-Ins
Java Script 0 Hrs
    Java Script Basics
    Variables and Functions
    Operators and Flow Control
    Objects and History Object
    String Processing
    Date Object
    Location Objects
    Form Objects
    HTTP Cookies
    Calendar Application
    Form Validation
    JS Events and Popups
JQuery 0 Hrs
    JQuery Basics
    Retrieving Page Content & Selectors
    DOM Traversing
    HTML Manipulation
    Ajax and JSon
Ajax 0 Hrs
    AJAX Basics
    Ajax with HTML
    Ajax with XML
    JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
    XSLT Transformations with JavaScript
Adobe Photoshop 0 Hrs
    Selection Tools
    Reshaping & Transforming
    Drawing and Painting
    Color Management
Dreamweaver 0 Hrs
    How to Design Web Page
Templates Development 0 Hrs
    Downloading Templates
    Modifying Templates
    Add New Components
Web Hosting 0 Hrs
    Domain Management
    Hosting & cPanel
    Project Deployment
J2SE / Java 8
J2EE / Adv Java
Spring Framework
Hibernate Framework
Dot Net
C# .Net
ASP .Net with MVC
Java with Android
Web Designing
Web Designing
JQuery UI
Java Script / JQuery
Software Testing
Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing
Big Data

  • Career Shiner has a separate wings for placement and dedicated to placed our students during training
  • As training execution is typically placement oriented, that's why our trainers working with students on resume building, presentation,
    body language and expressions etc.
  • Written Test, Spoken English, Group Discussions, Mock Interviews, Presentation skills are in regular practice during training
  • Career Shiner's students got placed in top IT Companies like Google, IBM, CSC, Chetu, HCL, TCS, Infosys, Wipro and many more