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Android + Java
Developer Training
Android & Java Developer Training is a complete and fully structured, result-oriented proved course for Android students & working professionals. The project would be "Live Android App" and all basics & advance concepts of Android and Java covers with Project Architecture, Coding Standard, Interview Preparation, Tools, Processes etc.
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Android is the favorite and one of the most popular Operating System for mobile devices. Today's if I am not wrong, most of the software are also listening the request from Android app as it is very easy and reachable for end-user. Banking, Telecoms, Retail etc industry applications have created their android client/app separately and that is very helpful for user. Mobile devices runs on Android, IOS and Windows operating systems but Android is most popular operating system now a days because of easy to use, cheap and n number of supported apps. No doubt it is new and most opportunistic field to build engineering career in Android. Stability, respect, money, on-site opportunities and many more can be achieved in Android.

Career Shiner is best training institute for Android in Noida. We are leading more than 100+ IT courses for students, working professionals, job seekers with 100% placement guarantee on selected courses. Our course contents and training execution is completely based on industry level by industry experts with LIVE project and it's our USP.

Student must have Java basics to learn Android technology because android coding is based on Java. We start our training from level zero and cover all advanced concept with highest possible level. Don't confuse,'Level' all about the student's answers must be satisfied to the interviewer which must be very clean, to the point and with technically proved. Real time examples will not work to proof yourself as a engineer because it's works in teaching only.

Android at Career Shiner makes the students 'Ready to Work' in terms of conceptually, fundamentally and hands on coding through our live project work. We build up our students for Android certifications.

  • We believe Strong Knowledge makes Strong Results
  • Offering the best Android/Java Developer training and placements in Noida
  • Live android app project with all coding standard
  • Unique, Industry Required, Impressive, Career-Safe, In-depth Syllabus designs and it's execution
  • Focus on to build the student conceptually and practically strong
  • Highly industry Experience and certified trainers with excellent delivery
  • Multimedia classroom training with Live coding experience
  • Special classes on Requirement gathering, Analysis and Architectural knowledge
  • Special classes on Domain knowledge
  • Students can repeats or attend any number of classes up to one year
  • No need to have extra training for Android certifications
  • 1.5 + 1.5 Hours Classes with 5 Hours lab facilities, work on your preferred timings
  • Globally recognized course completion certificate
  • Will help you to make project Synopsis and Project Report for submission
Core Java 70 Hrs
    Java Introduction
    Java Platforms and Execution
    Java Basics
    OOP Concepts
    Java Packages
    Interfaces and Abstract Class
    Nested Classes
    Exception Handling
    String Handling
    AWT and Event Handling
    Reflection API
Collection Framework 6 Hrs
    Collection Introduction
    Collection API's
    Custom Sorting
    Hashing Technique
Core Android 0 Hrs
    Android Basics
    Android Application Fundamentals
    User Interface Designing
    Action Bar, Menus and Dialogs
    Event Handling and Adapter
    Intents and Terminology
    Fragments and Terminology
    Threads, Handlers and Asynchronous Tasks
Android Service 4 Hrs
    Introduction and Types of Services
    Declaration and Creation of Services
    Start and Stop Services
    Creating Bound Service
    Managing Lifecycle of a Service
SQLite Database and Content Provider 0 Hrs
    File Storage
    Internal and External Storage
    Shared Preferences
    SQLite Introduction
    Databases in Android
    Content Providers
    Native Android Content Providers
    Custom Content Provider
    Sync Adapters
    Methods to Remember
Android Notifications 0 Hrs
    Creating a Notification
    Android Notifications
    Notification Action
    Expandable Notifications
    Notification Layouts
    Notification Priority
    Notifications in Android 5.0
Android Multimedia 0 Hrs
    Wallpaper and Live Wallpaper
    Multimedia API
    Playing Audio
    Creating Audio Player
    Playing Video
    Alarm Manager
Google Maps & Location Based Services 0 Hrs
    Adding Google Maps
    Customization of Maps
    New Android 6.0 Permission Check
    Current Location of User
    Location based Services
Android Animation 0 Hrs
    Frame by Frame Animation
    Layout Animation
    View Animation
    Property Animation
Android Networking 0 Hrs
    Mobile Networking Fundamentals
    Connectivity Manager and Network Info Classes
    Connecting to the Internet Using Async Task
    Connecting to the Internet Using Async Task
Android with Sensor 0 Hrs
    Sensor API
    Motion and Position Sensor
    Environmental Sensor
    Sensor Values
    Compass Acceslerometer and Orientation Sensors
Telephony API 0 Hrs
    Telephony Manager
    Get Call State
    Call State Broadcast Receiver
    Simple Caller Talker
    Making Phone Call
    Send SMS & Email
Android Speech API 0 Hrs
    Text To Speech API
    Speech To Text API
    Managing Speed and Pitch
Android Graphics 0 Hrs
    Graphics API
    2D Graphics
    Canvas & Paint API
Android Web Services 0 Hrs
    Introduction to Web Services
    Soap Vs Restful web service
    Consuming of REST Web Services (JSON)
    Storing Data into External Database
Device Connectivity 0 Hrs
    Bluetooth Connectivity
    List Paired Devices
    Working with WiFi
    Working with Camera
Android Animation 0 Hrs
    Android Animation API
    Drawable Class
    Rotate Animation
    Fade Animation
    Zoom Animation
XML & JSON 0 Hrs
    XML SAX Parsing
    XML DOM Parsing
    XML Pull Parser
    JSON Parsing
Android P2P Communication 0 Hrs
    Introducing Instant Messaging
    Using the GTalk Service
    Monitoring Roste for Changes
    Sending and Receiving Data Messages
    Transmitting Data Messages
    Receiving Data Messages
UI Basics 26 Hrs
    Java Script
SQL 0 Hrs
    Basic SQL Statements
    Restricting and Sorting Data
    Single Row Functions
    SQL with Multiple Tables
    Aggregating Data Using Group Functions
    Sub Queries
    DML SQL Statements
    Creating and Managing Tables
    Creating Views
    Controlling User Access
    Other Operators
    GROUP BY Clause
    Hierarchical Retrieval
PL/SQL 0 Hrs
    PL/SQL Introduction
    Creating PL/SQL Code
    PL/SQL Program Structure
    Loops Basics
    Exception Handlers
    PL/SQL Program Data
    Strings & Numbers
    Miscellaneous Datatypes
    SQL in PL/SQL
    Data Retrieval
    Procedures, Functions with Parameters
    Managing PL/SQL Code
    I/O in PL/SQL
Eclipse 2 Hrs
    How to Setup Java
    How to Add Plugin
    New Software Installation
    How to Setup Java Server
    Jar, War and Ear File Creation
    Import and Export Java Project
    Project Debugging
    Shor-cut Keys and Flow-less Practice
Araxis Merge 2 Hrs
    Code Comparision
    Code Integration
J2SE / Java 8
J2EE / Adv Java
Spring Framework
Hibernate Framework
Dot Net
C# .Net
ASP .Net with MVC
Java with Android
Web Designing
Web Designing
JQuery UI
Java Script / JQuery
Software Testing
Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing
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  • Career Shiner has a separate wings for placement and dedicated to placed our students during training
  • As training execution is typically placement oriented, that's why our trainers working with students on resume building, presentation,
    body language and expressions etc.
  • Written Test, Spoken English, Group Discussions, Mock Interviews, Presentation skills are in regular practice during training
  • Career Shiner's students got placed in top IT Companies like Google, IBM, CSC, Chetu, HCL, TCS, Infosys, Wipro and many more