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Java/J2EE - 6 Weeks
Summer Training

Six weeks Java summer training with "Live web based project" specially design for engineering pursuing students to learn Java basics and to find out the career possibility in Java.

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Java is a very popular technology to develop the web based and enterprises applications because of its features, like security, Oops and platform independence. Java applications runs on desktop, web and mobile devices. I know, Java is most preferable and strong technology to develop secured application worldwide, means students can build their secured career with lots of stability, respect, money, on-site opportunities and many more in Java.

Career Shiner is best training center for Java in Noida. We are leading more than 100+ IT courses for students, working professionals, job seekers with 100% placement guarantee on selected courses. Our course contents and training execution is completely based on industry level via industry experts with LIVE project and it's is our main USP.

Student not need to have any programming skills to learn Java technology in Career Shiner because we start from level zero and cover all advanced concept with highest possible level. Don't confuse please, actually 'Level' means student's answers must be satisfied to the interviewer which must be very clean, to the point and with technically proved. Real time examples will not work to proof yourself as a engineer because it's works in teaching only.

JAVA/J2EE at Career Shiner makes the students 'Ready to Work' in terms of conceptually, fundamentally and hands on coding through our live project work. We build up our student for Oracle certification like OCAJP, OCWCD etc.

Top 15 Reasons, Why you Choose Career Shiner for Internship
Core Java 70 Hrs
    Java Introduction
    Java Platforms and Execution
    Java Basics
    OOP Concepts
    Java Packages
    Interfaces and Abstract Class
    Nested Classes
    Exception Handling
    String Handling
    AWT and Event Handling
    Reflection API
Collection Framework 6 Hrs
    Collection Introduction
    Collection API's
    Custom Sorting
    Hashing Technique
Servlet Technology 12 Hrs
    Servlet Basics
    Servlet Collaboration
    Session Management
    Servlet I/O
    Servlet Filter
    Servlet Event and Listener
    Web Security
Internationalization - i18n 2 Hrs
    i18n Basics
    i18n with Core API
    i18n with Web API
JSP 8 Hrs
    JSP Basics
    JSP Directives
    JSP Actions
    JSP Scopes
    JSP with EL
    Standard Tag Library - JSTL
    Custom Tag
Java Servers 2 Hrs
    Apache Tomcat 7.0
    Bea Weblogic 10
MySql Database Basics 14 Hrs
    Database Design Architecture
Eclipse 2 Hrs
    How to Setup Java
    How to Add Plugin
    New Software Installation
    How to Setup Java Server
    Jar, War and Ear File Creation
    Import and Export Java Project
    Project Debugging
    Shor-cut Keys and Flow-less Practice
Araxis Merge 2 Hrs
    Code Comparision
    Code Integration
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     PHP Developer Training
   Dot Net
   Web Designing
   Software Testing
   Oracle 11G Dev
   Digital Marketing
   Big Data
   C & C++

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